About Us

Our core and dedicated business is bringing cost saving solutions to our customers. Long traditions of System Integration combined with Automated Accounting made us develop the web based tool “CONTROL”. Bringing you vast savings on invoice handling, usage of Telecom services as well as reporting and auditing.

Our hypothesis:
- Gaining full control and overview of your telecom vendor contracts, pricing and content is a close to impossible and most resource-consuming task.
- To control your employees use and expenses of Mobile services is even more challenging.

For this reason, we developed “CONTROL” bringing Tele Cost Management – TCM to a new dimension. With this unique tool, you get on top of cost and handling of all telecommunication services.

”CONTROL” does the job “At Cost”

“CONTROL” is the total value chain enabling automated processes from invoice receipt to price check, cost allocation and identification of cost drivers.

We built in a fully automated “Expense Attestation Process”. Application and approval, dividing company expense from private use according to corporate policy. “CONTROL” limits after-treatment and corrections.

Files for Salary Correction, Tax Reporting and Auditing automatically generated and fed to your ERP systems.

We even understood that employee Awareness is the most powerful tool in corporate cost reduction. “CONTROL”visualize spending on Mobile services and content.

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Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence