About Us

Norwater AS is part of the Eide Group, a significant player in the offshore industry. However, the Group’s history extends way beyond activity in the oil and gas sector over the past 30 years, as Georg Eide initially founded the company in 1922. The business first focused on producing wooden fishing vessels, before gradually developing modern steel ships equipped to deal with the demands of the modern oil and gas market. That’s the history.

Today Norwater AS is focusing on two vital product groups. The first is the fresh water maker which is a product developed and manufactured by using reverse osmosis for producing potable water from sea water. We are also able to assist with surveys of complete drinking water systems, or before new or retrofit installations.
Secondly, Norwater also produces a variety of HSE equipment such as belt barriers developed for offshore use, closing and self-closing doors and gates. Norwater has well skilled staff with experience from offshore- and yard industry ready to assist you at any time.
Norwater AS is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, and we are qualified according to Achilles JQS and FPAL.

Norwater AS is fully owned by Barge Invest AS and part of the Eide Group:

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence