About Us

ELOP AS is a Norwegian company specializing in the development of ultrasound equipment for non-destructive inspection and testing (NDI/NDT) of structures based on solid materials like concrete. Key employees have significant R&D experience and expertise from this area, have designed and developed polymer ultrasound transducers and industrialized ultrasound instruments.
The business idea of ELOP AS is to develop technology and sell instrumentation and licenses based on a novel combination of ultrasound transducer arrays and rollers for None Destructive Inspection of solid materials. (Patent pending). Elop work close with other partners in order to fulfill this project.
Infrastructure as roads, railways and bridges provide transport for people and goods and are fundamental lifelines in modern societies. The quality of life for people is dependent on the quality and availability of the infrastructure. Demographic changes, the inevitable adaptation to climate change, increasing energy costs and the need to minimize impact of human activities on the environment all present new challenges that need to be addressed.
There is a need for better instrumentation to maintain the Global aging bridge stock in a cost effective and safe manner. New Non Destructive Inspection video camera, for real time scanning and logging of data to give a better presentation of the internal condition of bridges and other structures. Focalized in situ, inspection to assess the aging of materials, detect and follow up degradation problems. Better and more reliable input data to Bridge Management Systems will reduce the maintenance cost thanks to preventive maintenance.

Business size

1-10 employees

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