About Us

Business Air Service is an independent full service air broker, organizing personnel and freight movement for companies whose needs are not fully covered for by regular scheduled flight.

Our in depth knowledge of air charter operations and extensive contact network allows Business Air Service to compile the ideal transport solution tailored to individual needs in relation to comfort and economy.

Business Air Service maintains ongoing dialogue with air charter suppliers and constantly screens the market for available capacity. This, coupled with efficient communication systems, ensures a high level of service for our customers.

Business Air Service provides independent worldwide services 24/7 ensuring the highest level of efficiency.

Business Air Service provides any type of aircraft that can accommodate almost any type of cargo, which can be delivered quickly and safely to almost any destination.

Business Air Service provides any type of aircraft for:
VIP’s Executive flights - On board exclusive business jets our VIP passengers experience the highest level of comfort, efficiency and service. Everything is planned and executed with a professional eye for every little detail before, during and after the journey.

Why using Business Air Service AS?
Business Air Service’s job starts once a contract is signed, and coordinates all flights details, ensuring the flight operates as arranged with minimal client involvement.

Tel: (+47) 51709730
E-mail: post@bas.as

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence